Anita Clay gets cast as “CARMELA” in Action Series “ANGELICS: ASCENSION”

Anita Clay was cast as CARMELA, the supporting best friend of KALINA, portrayed by Akari Kalai. The production team of Redcape Cinema Productions gave her a warm welcome with this post on Facebook:

EXCITING CASTING NEWS!… Redcape Cinema is ecstatic to announce the addition of the Awesome Badass Beauty, Anita Clay to the production of ANGELICS: Ascension!
Anita will be portraying the New ‘CARMELA’, the twin sister of Samuel (a.k.a. angel Camael – the punisher, but also of bringer of peace, happiness and forgiveness; has the ability to tame the beast within for a short period of time)
In 2011, Anita landed her first leading lady role in BLACKHEART. She went on to star in several other independent films where she developed a love for Action Movies, Martial Arts, and Stunts. In 2013, was scouted by director LaMard Wingster, and trained in Aikido for his sci-fi action series, GENOCIDE. Has been consistently training and with Master Demetrius Angelo in stunt fighting, weapons training, and now training with Stunt Coordinators, John Kreng and Melissa Tracy. She has a lead role in PAYING MR. McGETTY alongside stars R. Marcos Taylor and Don “The Dragon” Wilson. Scheduled to hit the market soon.
So, lets give a HUGE Redcape Welcome to Anita Clay, who will definitely “upped the ante” with her combination of charismatic charm, martial arts skills and exotic beauty to the character of A.R.C. Angel: Carmela, which we believe she will truly make it special and memorable. Welcome Anita Clay to ANGELICS: Ascension!

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