Urban Action Showcase was a hit!

The Urban Action Showcase is a film festival held in New York City every year in Times Square at the historical AMC theater.  It has become one of the most anticipated events of the action community of the Tri-State Area.  Every year the local martial arts masters (Oso Tayari Cassel, Ron Van Clief aka The Black Dragon, and Sifu Alan Goldberg), and action stars (like Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Michael Jai White) spend the day with us regular folks, while filmmakers and talent come to showcase their work for the year.  The event also honors the anniversary of some of the biggest urban action shows.  This year it was the 40th anniversary of 5 DEADLY VENOMS, The 20th anniversary of SPAWN and the 15th anniversary of EQUILIBRIUM.  Special guest Lu Feng flew all way from China to attend this event.  All in all.  The whole thing is awesome. 

I have been fortunate enough to have been at all (except one) of the 5 annual Urban Action Showcases.  This year was no exception.  I entered my two works, TODD FINDS A FRIEND and CLIPPERS, into the mix and got the director and producer of GOLD FROM THE SKY to enter the official trailer.  

Not only was I happy and excited to see my action family from New York upon coming to this event, but I was also blessed by having both my projects honored and accepting the award for GOLD FROM THE SKY  for BEST ACTION TRAILER.  


I got to learn some new kali strikes and blocks from Felix Cortes, some new gun tactical positions from R. NikwaMurphy, and got to learn about the Hong Kong Golden Age from Hong Kong action stars Bobby Samuels and Vincent Lyn.  

All in all, this year’s Urban Action Showcase was a hit for me.  I’m looking forward to creating more works for next year’s event! 

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