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Height 5’2″
Weight  110 lbs
Bust  32
Waist  26
Hips  37
Dress 4
Shoe 6

Film and Television

“Infinite Kingdom” Assassin #2 Dir: Sean Marlon Newcombe
“Angelics: Ascension” Pre-Production Carmela (Series Regular) Redcape Cinema Productions
“Seal Team” Stunt Double – Davis CBS/Peewee Piemonte
“The Mark”(Short) The Pirate(Lead) RaZor Pictures
“The Labor Force” Maria (Lead) Marzoca Films
“Gold From The Sky” (Web-series) Zene (Support.) Dir: Jason R. Deford
“Luke Cage” (Netflix Series) Ep. 10/11 Stunt Protestor #8 Marvel Inc/James Lew
“Paying Mr. McGetty” (Feature) Meena (Support.) Traditionz Entertainment
“Module Overseer” (Short) Module 2(Lead) Dir: Fernando Cuestas
“Genocide” (Pilot) Lt. Nyssa Emery/Fawn (Lead) Dir: LaMard Wingster
“Fem City” (Talk Show) Host/Self Maha Partners
“Crimson” (Short) Rayna Verano (Lead) Dir: Tony Clomax
“Mixtape Kings Presents Beat Street” Resident Host/Self Mixtapekings.com
“City Of Gold”(Feature) Saara Dir: Shemie Reut
“El Diamante Show/La Nueva Ola” Resident Host/Self MNN Networks
“Winter Film Awards 2013” Host American Primetime Television
“The Package” Elizabeth Carson LionFox Entertainment
“When Does It End” Expendable 1 (Support.) LionFox Entertainment
“Adrenaline: Lifeline” (Feature) Savannah (Lead) Lifeline TV
“Typecast”(Pilot) Jenny (Lead) Actuality Films
“Death Is No Escape”(Feature) Vanessa (Lead) Cypher Productions
“Black Heart”(Feature) Sasha(Lead) CagleVision


“How I Killed My Roommate…And Got Away With It” Roxy Producer’s Club
“The Vagina Monologues” A Woman SwordHolder Productions
“Saida: A Tunisian Love Story” Saida(Lead) Jewish Theatre of Manhattan
“Miracle on Mulberry Street” Future Player’s Theatre


American Musical & Dramatic Academy                                                          Manhattan, NY
Voice: Mary FeenyActing: Nicolas Martin-Smith; Debra Baron
Dance: Michelle Hart; Cynthia Murray; Ramon Gilindo
The Autonomous Actor Master Workshop                                                      Manhattan, NY
Teacher: Lindy Davies
Creating a Character, Impulse Work, Scene Study.
Private Singing Lessons                                                                                        Manhattan, NY
Instructor: Julie Holtzman
Jazz Styling and Phrasing.
Barbizon                                                                                                                    Manhattan, NY
Instructor: Manica Allen
Presentation and Appearance, Make Up Application, Preservation, People Skills, Catwalk.
Screen Fighting Master Class                                                                              Manhattan, NY
Instructor: Cynthia Rothrock
Auditioning for Action Roles, Selling the Punch, Camera Angles, Partner Work.
Action Actor’s Academy                                                                                        Manhattan, NY
Instructor: Demetrius Angelo
Screen Combat – Hand-to-Hand, Jujitsu, Basic Boxing, Weapons – Escrimas, Firearms, Katana, Knives.
Advanced Screen Fighting                                                                                    Manhattan, NY
Instructor: James Lew
Screen Combat- Falling, Getting Shot, Taking a Punch, Kung Fu Combat/Prep – Knife Fighting.
Advanced Stunts & Fighting                                                                                 Valley Vista, CA
Instructors: John Kreng and Melissa Tracy
Basic Stunt Falls, Punches, Kicks, Choreography, Weapons – Broad Sword, Western Style Sword Fighting, Knife Fighting, Stunt Coordinating.
Private Acting Class                                                                                               West Hollywood, CA
Instructor: Morgan Sheppard 
Scene Study, Character Development, Monologues. 


Native American (Cherokee) Singing – Professional 22 yrs. Typing-60wpm Piano-Intermediate
Guitar-Beginner Card Dealing Creative Writing Drawing
Driver’s License Meditation Pilates Yoga
Bird Rearing Theatre Dancing Merengue Salsa
Swing Bartending Jee Kun Do Wing Chun
Boxing Escrimas Stunt Falls Stunt Fighting

Awards: –Rising Phoenix AwardUrban Action Showcase


Anita Clay was born in Colorado Springs, CO. She grew up in a large close knit family consisting of aunts, uncles, tons of cousins, friends, and animals. At the early age of three, she began to sing and found that she had a natural talent and passion for music. Her, her Mom, and her little brother moved to Junction City, KS when Anita was 11. At the age of 12, she began to take her passion seriously and began taking voice and music lessons. At 15, she discovered her passion for acting and began to train and perform around her small town.
Upon graduating High School, Anita got accepted to a conservatory in New York City to study music and acting.  She has then added training in martial arts and stunts and also produces and directs passion projects from time to time. She continues to work on herself, honing her craft and creativity.  Anita has had the honor of starring in action projects such as GENOCIDE, and GOLD FROM THE SKY (premiere coming soon)  She won her first award last November at the prestigious URBAN ACTION SHOWCASE in New York City.   She is honored to be featured in PAYING MR McGETTY (in theaters later this year) alongside 11-time World Kickboxing Champion Don “The Dragon” Wilson and STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON’s R. Marcos Taylor and recently doubled Toni Trucks on CBS’ SEAL TEAM.  
Anita is consistently working on herself and her career and has a few of her own projects in the works.  2017 has been a pretty good year and she is looking forward to kicking more butt and taking names in 2018.  


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